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Monster List (60-100level)

2008 - 12 - 23

Monster List (1-30level)
Here we provide all the monster list in Maple story. May this can help you with your adventure in game. You could fight with these monster and gain maplestory mesos
LEVEL 61 - 70
Buffy (Animated)
Wild Cargo (Animated)
Jr. Gargoyle
Peach Monkey
Leader A (Animated)
Soul Teddy (Animated)
Puco (Animated)
Officer Skeleton
Muscle Stone
Jr. Lucida
Dark Pepe (Animated)
Leader B (Animated)
Ice Drake (Animated)
Mr. Alli
Yeti (Animated)
Jr. Yeti (Transformed) (Animated)
Zombie Mushmom (Animated)
Master Muscle Stone
Ghost Pixie
Lazy Buffy (Animated)
Pachu (Animated)
Black Knight
Myst Knight
Sage Cat
Master Soul Teddy (Animated)
Punco (Animated)
Puppet Golem
Dark Yeti (Animated)
Dark Jr. Yeti (Transformed) (Animated)
Dark Drake (Animated)
Mr. Anchor
Cuzco (Animated)
Tauromacis (Animated)
Klock (Animated)
Opachu (Animated)
Yellow King Goblin
Blue King Goblin
Green King Goblin
Tamable Hog
Peeking Lord Pirate
Lord Pirate
Nine-Tailed Fox

LEVEL 71 - 80
High Dark Star (Animated)
Tae Roon
Cerebes (Animated)
Extra D (Animated)
Lucida (Animated)
Commander Skeleton
Angry Lord Pirate
Buffoon (Animated)
Papa Pixie
Dark Rash
Taurospear (Animated)
Werewolf (Animated)
Blood Boom (Animated)
Crimson Tree
Dark Klock (Animated)
Dual Beatle
Green Hobi
Enraged Lord Pirate
Deep Buffoon (Animated)
King Sage Cat
Yeti & Pepe (Animated)
Jr. Balrog (Animated)
Geist Balrog Phase 1 (Animated)
Lycanthrope (Animated)
Lycanthrope the Kidnapper (Animated)
Dances with Balrog''s Clone (Animated)
Grendel the Really Old''s Clone (Animated)
Athena Pierce''s Clone (Animated)
Dark Lord''s Clone (Animated)
Kyrin''s Other Self
Kyrin''s Other Self''s Other Self
Low Dark Star (Animated)
Wolf Spider

LEVEL 81 - 90
Dark Yeti & Pepe (Animated)
Blood Haf
Ghost Pirate (Animated)
Death Teddy (Animated)
Goby (Animated)
Dual Ghost Pirate (Animated)
Dual Birk
Black Kentaurus
Red Kentaurus
Blue Kentaurus
Master Death Teddy (Animated)
Bain (Animated)
Bombing Fish House (Animated)
Blue Mushmom (Animated)
Blue Dragon Turtle
Firebrand [1]
Firebrand [2]

LEVEL 91 - 100
Bone Fish (Animated)
Spirit Viking (Animated)
Red Dragon Turtle
Squid (Animated)
Phantom Watch (Animated)
Grim Phantom Watch (Animated)
Male Boss (Animated)
Geist Balrog Phase 3
Risell Squid (Animated)
Red Wyvern
Gigantic Spirit Viking (Animated)
Lion Statue A
Lion Statue B
Time Sphere (Animated)
Crimson Balrog (Animated)
Crimson Balrog the Kidnapper (Animated)
Geist Balrog Phase 2 (Animated)
Shark (Animated)
Knight Statue A
Knight Statue B
Dreamy Ghost
Mirror Ghost
Green Cornian
Capt. Latanica

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